• All invited schools are eligible for entering the "Search For Gandhi" campaign. Each school can have any number of children making online registration through the schools' respective websites/servers under teacher's or parent supervision.
  • Registration details available on the website www.searchforgandhi.in and www.youth4gandhi.com
  • If you have interesting insights, photos, videos, links etc. to share on your Gandhian experiences in life, any thoughts on your days to day interactions with people, pets, environment, art, anything on this planet that you have lived and experienced and has had a positive transformation on you, your experiments then mail them to us, we will put them up on our blog "Cool Talk",or facebook it on our page or Tweet about it on our twitter handle. Go expressive yourself. Our email is searchforgandhi@gmail.com and youth4gandhifoundation@gmail.com
Please display the posters at the school assembly and then put it up on your notice board or any other prominent place where the children will see it most.

We request you to have a minimum of 3 screenings of the film for the junior, middle and senior school.
Follow it up with Audio hearings in the computer lab for children in their break time or in the first 5 minutes of their computer period.

If a few children wish to borrow the DVD then they can to watch or hear at home. If they wish to order a DVD online they can request for it on our website for free.

Only after the children have gone through the posters, audios, videos should they go and access the website in order to understand, enjoy and use it to its maximum potential.

"Search For Gandhi" interactive website: www.searchforgandhi.in will be launched for the children on the 30th of January 2014.

The children will have to be briefed in their morning assembly for this launch. All computer departments and computer teachers must be told to let children surf this site for the last 10 minutes of their class period.

The teacher may send out a circular in the child's homework diary for parents to let access to their children to this new age website on Gandhi at home as well. (Please follow the website user guideline for more details)

The school will have to organize a trip of the children to Gandhi Smriti, in case you need help from us please let us know in advance. Parent can also take initiative to take their children to Gandhi Smriti on a weekend or a holiday.

We have created face book page where you can post your likes and comment.

FB Page: Youth4Gandhi Foundation

We are on twitter: @Y4Gandhi

Lets do something on Gandhi - Your school student/child can conceive any project, create it and give it to us. They are eligible to create a project only if they participate in the URL gaming, there will be a prize for the top 3 categories. It will be announced on the websites. www.searchforgandhi.in and www.youth4gandhi.org