Mahatma Gandhi,  the father of our nation was instrumental in getting freedom for India from the British rule. I am very impressed by Gandhiji’s philosophy of life. All his life he stressed on the importance of cleanliness. He even said that cleanliness was next to Godliness. I am trying to follow this in best possible way. I keep my surroundings neat and clean. I do not throw garbage in the streets. Whenever we are travelling I always put the orange peels, peanut peels, toffee wrappers, empty chips packets and empty cans of juice etc. in a dustbin kept in the car. Whenever I see someone littering, I try to convince and persuade them to keep the environment clean. My friends and I have made a cleanliness club in our locality and we try to help the government people to keep the area clean. I also believe in Gandhiji’s idea of a clean heart and clean mind. I do not carry prejudice against any person or religion. I have friends from all the religion. I have friends from all the religions. We also celebrate all the festivals in our home and society and love our neighbours.

Divyam Chadha
Roll no. 14
Modern school
Barakhamba Road

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