Gandhian Act

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, father of the nation, helped Indians in gaining freedom. He believed in many things, such as – Forgiveness, Faith in self, Truthfulness, Helpfulness and Non- violence. I also believe in all these qualities of Gandhiji. Forgiveness is an essential part of our lives. During the summer vacations, my cousins were at my house. I was completing my project when my younger brother came in my room and spilt water on it as he was angry from me because I was not playing with him. I was very angry and upset with him as I did a lot of hard work to complete that project. I was about to scold him when I realised that I should forgive him and explain him that what he did was wrong instead of scolding him. I remembered the line written in my book, “FORGIVENESS DOESN’T MEAN WHAT HAPPENS WAS OKAY BUT IT JUST MEANS THAT YOU HAVE MADE PEACE WITH PAIN AND ARE READY TO LET IT GO.” From that time I always forgive people and give them a second chance. Just remember one line for your whole life time, “THE WEAK CAN NEVER FORGIVE. FORGIVENESS IS THE ATTRIBUTE OF THE STRONG.” These lines were said by Gandhiji.

Sonakshi Gupta
S2-E (7E)
Modern school
Barakhamba Road

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