Gandhian Act

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
  -Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi needs no introduction and is revered across communities, religions and countries. Gandhian philosophy has no boundaries and is timeless. We, Indians, are proud to have him as the Father of Nation. We all know that he bought us freedom from British Raj and he is also an epitome of non – violence and religious tolerance. He didn’t fight against British only but also against evil practices of society. He was not only a political guru but also a social catalyst. No one can read him as a whole. He was multi- faceted personality.

I have read a lot about him through books. The life of Bapu ji always inspires me. But I find predicament in our lives. We rever him but do we really follow him? An honest answer from one’s inner soul would lead us to the truth for which Gandhi ji always stood for. I believe staying inspired is more important than staying informed. Simple living and High thinking is one of Gandhian philosophy and cleanliness is always on the top of his mind, he used to clean his room and surroundings on his own.

One day I went to nearby temple during festival season with my family. The temple was beautifully decorated. Devotees were offering prayers in the temple. Food was also being served in a big hall. We also sat there for ‘langar’. Then I noticed something strange that all the people were eating and moving out. Food was strewn all over the place, hence making the temple area dirty. I got upset and thought of making a small effort to bring desired change in the mindset of people. I requested my father to make a public announcement to keep the temple neat and clean. I along with my younger sister started picking up used paper plates from the floor and dumping them in the garbage bin. We even requested people to use dustbin for the same. Some people listened to us but still a few did not bother. Whenever a person littered the floor, I started mopping and cleaning the floor. My parents also helped in this task. Soon all people started realizing their mistake. A few people even started helping us in this act of cleanliness.

I believe big achievement has humble beginning and small acts can go a long way in our daily lives. If we can’t keep our temples neat and clean, what is the purpose of going to temple. We should even keep our surrounding and our homes neat and tidy. God resides where there is cleanliness, we can’t force people to accept our ideas by merely advocating them. We need to convince and lead people by setting examples. We should not preach what we can’t tread upon.

I am thoroughly inspired by the recent cleanliness initiative taken up by government of India and would like to be the part of that.


Muskan Chojer
Roll no. 25
Modern school
Barakhamba Road

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